Hi! This is my self-introduction page.
I am very happy if you care about even a little.

If you want to know more details, please feel free to send a message.
I love fun things and new technology.

About Me

I love cars and I think the "Rotary engine" is awesome ! I once owned the "RX-7 (FC3S/FD3S type)" equipped with "Rotary engine".

I am interested in cloud technology typified by "Amazon Web Services (AWS)". I am also interested in programming languages such as "golang". I like new technologies and services and I'd like to touch lots of exciting things.

I like to join the user community. I am participating in "JAWS-UG", "SORACOM-UG", "Serverless Community (JP)". If you meet me in a community somewhere, feel free to talk to me. Let's have fun together !